Chilling Violin Cover Of ‘Volvere’ From Teen Street Performer

Chilling Violin Cover Of ‘Volvere’ From Teen Street Performer

One teenage violin prodigy put on a stunning performance for people out enjoying an evening stroll.

Karolina Protsenko is a 14-year-old with a love, passion and obvious talent for the violin. On her YouTube page, Karolina has hundreds of videos displaying her jaw-dropping expertise on the stringed instrument. Those videos, showing off her immense musical ability, have racked up millions of views.

One of her latest videos shows the young woman covering Diego Verdaguer’s “Volveré, which Karolina’s video labels as “the saddest song in the world.”

Even before she gets into the song, several people stepped up to show appreciation for the young lady’s efforts, placing money in a container near her feet. 

Once she does get into the song, Karolina’s playing is beautiful, moving and simply unbelievable. She exhibits such expertise and confidence during her performance that is staggering and rarely seen in someone of her young age. 

Additionally, and most importantly, the young woman is enjoying herself. She flashes several smiles at the camera while playing the violin. 

At the conclusion of the song, the handful of people that have gathered to take in the awesome performance show their approval by giving her a well-deserved round of applause!

Others who commented on Karolina’s video were also blown away by her expert-level violin playing. 

“This Young Lady is one of the Greatest Talents anywhere. She sounds like someone who has played the Violin for Decades,” one person wrote.

“Karolina is a true virtuoso! Definitely one of the greatest violinists ever! Such beauty, skill and feelings. Unmatched!” a second person added.

Another person commented they have followed Karolina on YouTube for a while and have enjoyed watching her musical transformation.

“I’ve watched this young woman now grow both musically and in age on YouTube. It’s amazing how much better she’s become. I love the music,” a third person posted. 

Psalm 105:2 “Sing to him, sing psalms to him: talk you of all his wondrous works.”

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