The Judges Were Out Of Golden Buzzers, But This Powerhouse Got One Anyways

The Judges Were Out Of Golden Buzzers, But This Powerhouse Got One Anyways

One Britain’s Got Talent contestant was so mind-blowingly terrific that the judges bent the rules for him.

Thanks to American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and other similar programs, people have been given the opportunity to display their God-given talent. Studio audiences and those watching at home have witnessed people with extraordinary skills get their time to shine.

Gamal John is one of those people who, thanks to Britain’s Got Talent, got the chance to showcase his singing voice. Before his audition, Gamal mentioned he had been pushed by his oldest child to try out for the show.

Good thing he did! Gamal can, without a doubt, sing! 

From the first note of his performance of “It’s a Man Man’s World” by James Brown, it’s clear that Gamal has an extraordinary set of pipes. He sounds so much like James Brown that it’s scary.

The entire studio audience and the judges have a similar reaction to his very first note. It’s one of utter shock and disbelief. 

Both Bruno and Alesha are taken aback by the young man’s performance.

At one point, Alesha says, “Oh, come on!”

Everyone in the room is blown away by what they have just witnessed. It’s unbelievable and the performance even moves one of the judges to do something unexpected.

Every judge on the show has the right to hit a Golden Buzzer, allowing the contestant to skip several rounds of the competition. They all have one and when they use it, it’s gone. They do not get any more, that’s it. Or at least that’s how it used to be.

Bruno was so thoroughly impressed by Gamal that he broke the rules. Bruno hit the Golden Buzzer for Gamal, his second of the season. This understandably caused confusion among the judges and the audience. 

But let’s be honest, Gamal deserved one for that stellar performance! 

Psalm 104:33  “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.”

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