Autism Help for Parents

Founder of is seeking parents who have just received diagnosis of "Autism". God CHOSE you!!!! I am the founder, mother to an Autistic girl, and Aunt to a severely Autistic boy. I CAN HELP YOU! I have left my full-time job due to a calling on my heart from the Lord to go & help the hurting people who are now where I was. I have 13 yrs. training & coaching along with 11 years experience with Autism first hand. Go to Youtube and type in Autism help and info on my presentation will come up. I work off of donations and doors have opened for me rapidly. The statistics are stacked against your marriage, please dont let your life fall apart!! Please e-mail me and perhaps I can help you here. Where only HE can help you from up there. (and trust me, you need His help!) God Bless and remember...Autism is a difference NOT a disease!- rnLove,rnDebra

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