King of Glory

This was our Palm Sunday 2007 Presentation. I am in the Yellow, and Beth is in blue, Stephanie in pink, and Francie in green. The colors here have signifigance in that they are representative of different things. The Blue is of God the Father, Red (pink) of The Son, and Yellow (gold) of the Holy Spirit. The green is a symbol of the eternal life that our God and Savior gives.

At the beginning, we enter in with a drape of Purple, a symbol of the royalty of Jesus, then place a Palm branch on that, and finally the Crown. The video & sound are a little rough, but we hope you are blessed by this. My teens are still pretty new to this ministry...and since now I have relocated, and no longer in this church..... please feel free to leave any comments of encouragement or anything for my girls..... BLESSINGS!

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