Adopted Dog promotes adoption and free calming music to shelters

Adopted dog promotes adoption and provides free therapeutic music to shelters, animal clinics and humane societies to calm their dogs. The Border/Aussie mix entertains you and fine art photography customers with his dog toy and ability to move his eye brows independently in time with music. Nine year old Cutter Bill was adopted in 2010. He had broken off a lot of his teeth by trying to escape from a previous owners steel cage. He also had thunderphobia until he heard the Canine Lullabies. Shelters, animal clinics and humane societies can get free copies of the canine Lullabies to calm their dogs when they go to Cutter Bill had never played with a dog toy before. He has learned pretty quick for an older dog I'd say. Cutter is a living testimony you can you teach old dogs new tricks?

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