Many of us believe that we have forgiven, but still struggle with anger that we equate as just being a part of our personality! We play the tapes of the wrong in our mind continually. We are easily irritated by things. We may have close relationships, but have areas were we have difficulty feeling compassion or connecting with others emotionally. Many of us struggle with fear or anxiety disorders. More have frequent bouts of depression. Unforgiveness can even cause us to be unconsciously cruel to loved ones and we don’t even realize it. Finally, if the offender were to walk into the room where we were right now we would be in an emotional mess! We would be overcome with anger, irritation etc.

For years I suffer from anger, moodiness, frequent bouts of depression, irritation, inability to trust, compassion difficulties etc; I was the slave of unforgiveness!
Until he gave me a formula that set me free TOTALLY , COMPLETELY, AND QUICKLY!
NOW you can be FREE TOO!
Forgiveness 101: Your back to basics guide to swift forgiveness [Paperback & Kindle eBook], is a tool for ALL who are emotionally enslaved by entrenched unforgiveness!

You can finally be free!

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