MR. OBAMA: ARE YOU GOING TO SUPPORT ISRAEL or WHAT? The American People would like to know!

Feb. 2012
A Question for The U.S. President Mr Barrack Obama: In 2009 during your stay in Turkey, the American people would like you to expound on your speech, in Turkey. In which you (Mr President Obama) quoted from the Qu'ran and plainly stated that you're a Muslim.
How in the world can you make such a vow, (to protect Islam), and not protecting the U.S against Isamic Nations?
"What exactly does President Obama mean by stating: "Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will not be at war with Islam"?
IRAN is a ISLAMIC MUSLIM Nation. So does that mean the U.S. well not go to war against any Islamic Nations to stop their nuclear threats because of this "Vow you made with Islam?"

I and the American people would like to know if the United States will remain allies with Israel. We love Israel as a nation in whole, we the people side with her. But what about President Obama? Why do less than 4% of Israelies trust Obama to back them up in a war? 95% DO NOT

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