Exposing Islam's (Hidden Goals) TARGET is YOU! And Anyone WHO OPPOSES Islam, Mohammed, or Allah! YOU NEED TO KNOW The REAL THREAT Behind Radical Muslims - (Mohammed's History) Part-2

"Mohammed's History" (Part 2 of 2) - Guest Speaker: William Federer on Jan. 25, 2012 - CC Chino Hills, CA. A MUST WATCH for everyone! Every: Christian, Athiest and every Muslim!

This Video Exposes the "Hidden Truths" and "Goals" behind Radical Islamic Muslims! - (EVEN WORSE); How Muslims "Justify" their "Actions" of Hatred & Evil - These hidden truths are "FACTS" and have not changed over the past 1,400 years!
(#1) Immigrate into Foreign Lands
(#2) Increase the Muslim Population
(#3) Eliminate (kill) Everyone who Opposes Islam, Mohemmed and Allah!

The Islamic, Muslim god called: "ALLAH"
is NOT: the same God of the Holy Bible..!
is NOT: the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..!
is NOT: "God the Father" over Jesus Christ..!
is NOT: "I AM" - God's Name in Exodus
is NOT: "YHWH" - Hebrew Tetrogram of God's Name
is NOT: "YESHUA" - Jesus Christ
is NOT: The God of Israel..!
is NOT: The God of Christianity..!
is NOT: The Almighty God, our Creator..!

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