Senior Comedian, Julia Scotti, Says Why The Golden Years Aren’t Golden

Senior Comedian, Julia Scotti, Says Why The Golden Years Aren’t Golden

No one likes getting older but most people look forward to that period of life commonly referred to as “The Golden Years,” where most can slow down and enjoy retirement. However, comedian Julia Scotti cautions those who are looking forward to their golden years and hilariously explains why those years may not be so shiny as once thought.

At the 2:10-minute mark of the clip, right after Julia was surprised and confounded by the age of an audience member, she claims the person who came up with “The Golden Years” term may not have been the brightest.

“What idiot named them ‘The Golden Years’? Oh, please. Let me tell you something about ‘The Golden Years’, ok? I’m standing in front of the mirror naked this morning (audience laughs). Wait. So, I’m standing in front of the mirror and I’m looking at myself and I’m going, ‘Oh man, if these are “The Golden Years,” then the price of gold just collapsed,” Julia said.

Julia also mentions, in hilarious fashion, that anyone who believes the Golden Years are truly golden, should consider some things.

“If you think 65 is the new 55, try sleeping through the night without getting up to pee like 4 times, right? Try climbing a flight of stairs without stopping halfway up,” Julia said.

The clip of Julia’s stand-up kicks off with her making a startling discovery about herself and the town she was performing in at the time.

“This is my first time here. I walked around your lovely town today and I realized that every place I went, I was the oldest person there. What have you done with all the old people? Where are you hiding grandpa and grandma?” Julia said.

Julia goes on to state that she’s now reached the time in her life where she’s unable to fool people when it comes to her age. Instead, people react to her with a rather pained expression.

“I am old, man. I’ve got a birthday coming up. I’m at this age where I can’t even lie about my age anymore without getting the face. I was telling people I was 60 for years but I just kept getting this (makes surprised expression),” Julia said.

Job 12:12 “With aged men is wisdom, and in length of days understanding.”

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