Curious Parrot Steals Reporter’s Earpiece On Live TV

Curious Parrot Steals Reporter’s Earpiece On Live TV

Reporters don’t often have birds landing on their shoulders while they are on air, but this reporter in Chile handles a curious parrot stealing his earpiece while on live TV! He’s definitely one good-humored news professional!

Nicolas Krumm was reporting from sunny Santiago when a parrot perched on his left shoulder while he was in mid-sentence, sharing the story of an increase in robberies within the city. Nicolas ducks a bit but continues with his story, relatively unbothered by the bird. 

Initially, the parrot seems to be just hanging around, content to listen and learn about the rise in crime. However, after a few moments, the seemingly friendly foul makes a move. He turns his green head, which matches the background beautifully, toward Nicolas and calmly plucks the broadcaster’s earpiece right from his ear!

It is unclear whether it was a planned or an impromptu theft, but we do know that parrots are pretty crafty—considered to be one of the most intelligent among wild birds. Though they have the ability to mimic human speech, this particular parrot wasn’t talking before he made his move!

Most wild parrots live in countries and regions in the southern hemisphere. So, it may not be uncommon to see parrots flying about in Chile, which is located in South America. But, for us Northerners, parrots typically exist in pet shops or cages. It would be a little unsettling to have a wild one settle on your back!

Reporter Krumm lifts a hand toward the parrot but seems unsure how to proceed before the bird takes flight with Nicolas’s audio aid in his beak. The cameraman pursues the parrot, but he gets chastised by a child off-camera for attempting to retrieve the device. Go figure!

Nicolas laughs at the irony of the situation! 

Thankfully, the parrot dropped the earpiece, and it was recovered. And the unexpected interruption added an interesting twist to Mr. Krumm’s story!   

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

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