Grace and Caffeine: drawing episode 062

A time-lapse video of me drawing an episode of my Christian comic strip "Grace and Caffeine", which I produce for the weekly bulletin / notice-sheet thing at my church, Yateley Baptist (which is sat on a hill, next door to a pub, behind a hotel, and at the wrong end of a dirt track, in Hampshire, UK).

The cartoons, which I've been drawing since December 2006, cover a variety of topics, ranging from the spiritual (hence the "Grace" part of the name) to the mundane and humdrum (hence the "Caffeine"), with a fairly minimalistic, photocopier-friendly art style. Well, "art" in the looser sense of the term, perhaps...

You can find more episodes in the Grace and Caffeine Web Archive, at, and if you'd like to ask questions, offer suggestions or comments, or sign up to get Grace and Caffeine delivered to your inbox each Monday, you can email me at [email protected]

Well, I hope you enjoy... 8]

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