Good Samaritan Saves Fox With Box Stuck On Its Head

Good Samaritan Saves Fox With Box Stuck On Its Head

Argentina is one sweet creature ahead when this good samaritan saves a fox with a box stuck on its head!

Occasionally, we see images or videos of wildlife, birds, or fish that have gotten into trouble due to the actions or existence of humans in their environment. Here is one such story.

Watch as the fox runs around in circles, colliding at times with a clump of brush in his path. He can’t see, because his neck and head have become trapped inside a milk carton that was evidently left laying on the ground. There is no indication of how long he’s been in this predicament, but the little guy’s desert home doesn’t look particularly friendly. It’s sure that he wouldn’t survive long with his head lodged in a box.

Luckily, a savior discovers the fox in distress in time. Watch as the gentleman approaches the scared fox. He is prepared with gloves, but there may still be risks involved in this rescue. The man secures the fox in his hands and eases him to the ground where he can more easily loosen the box. Once in position, he gently tears the cardboard and works the box free. The fox seems a little stunned for a moment but is quickly ready to be on the move.

He’s not quite in the clear yet, though. There are still box remnants around the fox’s neck. Our hero again delicately pulls the paper away from the squirming animal. Now, the mission is complete, and Mr. Fox can be on his way!

We people often don’t do the right thing. Sometimes, it’s out of ignorance or a lack of consideration. Sometimes, it is an act of just plain meanness. However, we people sometimes make things right. This kind man corrected a problem caused by another. He literally cleaned up someone else’s mess!

The foxy fellow who was saved certainly felt amazing, but the champion of this story felt pretty swell, too. He’s pleased with the good deed done, as well he should be! Thanks, sir, for taking the time to do the right thing when it’s so often easier not to!

“Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almighty.” Job 6:14

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