'Now Here (The Other Side)' Red Rocks Worship Official Music Video

'Now Here (The Other Side)' Red Rocks Worship Official Music Video

Check out the official music video for this beautiful worship song from Red Rocks Worship called ‘Now Here (The Other Side).’

“Where was the darkness, when hope was restored, where was despair 
When my God split the shores, where was defeat when the Lord took a breath
When He stood in pow’r, by the grave that he left, nowhere (nowhere)
Nowhere (nowhere), nowhere is the fear when my king resurrects
Nowhere (nowhere), nowhere (nowhere), nowhere was the doubt
When my king conquered death”

What an incredible song with a wonderful message! “‘Now Here’ is a faith declaration that manages the tension of experience and expectancy in its very title. When Jesus met darkness in the world, it’s only response was to run. Because Jesus was the fundamental manifestation of God’s presence and personhood, everything contrary to that expression had no choice but to yield. 'Now Here' is meant to embolden every believer that the incarnate Christ is amongst us.”

This song from Red Rocks Worship is part of their project titled Things Of Heaven: The Other Side, which dropped earlier this year in April. And many people are loving it and have continued to be impacted by the music that Red Rocks Worship is releasing.

“Wow, this sounds great. Red Rocks, you guys make such delivering and anointed music! Love you guys. Keep on working for the Lord,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“Red Rocks, thank you for bringing Jesus back into my life! I now find myself constantly worshiping Him. Such joy back into my life,” writes another person online.

Red Rocks Worship is the worship ministry of the Colorado-based Red Rocks Church that was founded in 2005. The team is comprised of worship leaders and songwriters who have a passion to bring their love of Jesus to people through music.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Now Here (The Other Side)’ today!

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