Nervous 12-Year-Old Sings Flawless Rendition of ‘Listen’ On BGT

Nervous 12-Year-Old Sings Flawless Rendition of ‘Listen’ On BGT

A young man was able to put aside his nerves and the jitters to turn in an astounding performance of a Beyoncé hit on Britain’s Got Talent

Fear can often get the better of us. Whether because of possible judgment, failure, a harsh word or something else entirely, fear can stop people from pursuing a goal God may have intended. Fear is an emotion that hurts much more than it helps.

However, Dylan, a 12-year-old young man from London, refused to let his nerves stop him from showing the judges and the studio audiences his awe-inspiring musical talent. 

Prior to his audition, during his back-and-forth with the judges, Dylan makes an off-hand comment about his fears of singing in front of an audience that size.

“I’m very scared,” Dylan states.

Once the music starts, Dylan’s nerves appear to melt away rather quickly. For the first two verses of “Listen”, Dylan puts in a standard, typical Britain’s Got Talent performance. It’s fine, but nothing that stands out. However, things take a dramatic turn for the good. 

Dylan reaches the song’s chorus and it’s simply unbelievable! From that point forward, the young man gives a memorable and stunning performance. Members of the audience give him a standing ovation during his performance. He’s that good and incredibly talented!

Alesha mentioned how truly taken aback she was by Dylan’s insane performance.

“Wow! I think I spent most of that audition just gobsmacked,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting such, not only an incredible tone, but your technique is off the scale. It was phenomenal.”

Dylan made the judges' decision very easy. They give the 12-year-old from London four yes votes. After the judges give him overwhelmingly positive feedback, Dylan literally jumps for joy right on the stage.

What a talented young man who has been blessed with an angelic voice! Thank God he didn’t let fear keep him from sharing his talent with the world. 

Psalm 105:2 “Sing to him, sing praises to him! Tell of all his marvelous works.”

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