6-Year-Old Sings Adorable Disney Duet With The Voice Of Ireland Winner

6-Year-Old Sings Adorable Disney Duet With The Voice Of Ireland Winner

Just the thought of public speaking or performing for others is enough to cause most to break out in hives or cower in fear, but one young child managed to put on a dazzling performance in front of an audience. 

Emma Sophia, a 6-year-old girl, performed a duet with Keith Hanley, a former winner of The Voice of Ireland. The two sang the classic tune “A Whole New World,” from the beloved Disney animated film “Aladdin.” 

As the clip shows, the two singers are accompanied by a full orchestra for their performance. Both put on a terrific show, providing those in the audience with a real treat for their ears.

Keith, who starts the song singing the first verse, is great. He can, without a doubt, sing. There is no debate when it comes to his musical abilities. 

However, the young lady absolutely steals the entire show. She stands quietly on the sage, a foot or so away from Keith, but when she begins singing, it’s utterly and wholly shocking! When she comes in on the latter half of the first go-through on the song’s chorus, it’s hard to believe that that kind of powerful voice is coming out of someone so young and inexperienced.

Emma more than holds her own singing with someone much older than her, as the video shows. Some may even make the argument that she out-sings Keith. 

In addition to her amazing vocal display, Emma has quite the stage presence. She looks and acts so incredibly confident, calm and sure of herself. Emma appears to be right at home on the stage. 

Emma, who is unbelievably only six years, has the makings of a very bright career in music. God has richly blessed her with a beautiful voice!

Psalm 68:4 “Make songs to God, make songs of praise to his name; make a way for him who comes through the waste lands; his name is Jah; be glad before him.”

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