Young Boy Plays Piano On Disney Cruise And Captures The Attention of Daisy Duck

Disney is a company known for making dreams come true and creating magical moments. One video captures a truly special situation aboard one of the company’s cruise liners.

“The Lion King,” “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo” and “Up” are just a few of The Walt Disney Company’s massive collection of beloved films. Those flicks are filled with memorable and unforgettable scenes, characters and lines. Disney films hold a special place in the hearts of many. 

One unforgettable and special Disney moment recently happened, not on the big screen, but during a Disney cruise. The YouTube video shows a young man sitting and expertly playing the piano on a floor buzzing with activity. 

The child’s tickling of the ivories is so good that it catches the attention of Donald Duck’s better half: Daisy. About a minute into the clip, Daisy walks over to the young pianist, points in his direction and applauds his efforts.

The beloved Disney character loves what she’s hearing! The video’s description refers to Daisy’s reaction as “truly authentic and priceless.”

Others are also in agreement as a round of spontaneous applause breaks out. Several people can even be seen filming the young man as he shows off his skills on the piano. 

The child manages to fit two songs into the nearly 7-minute video. While the first song may be hard to place, the second one is recognizable. The second song is the main theme from Disney’s popular “Pirates of The Caribbean” films. 

As the video’s description explains, the child’s piano playing happened on the Disney Dream, one of the company’s sailing vessels. The ship’s cruise director worked it out so that Logan, the child playing the piano, could bless his fellow cruisers with his musical talents.

This is a special moment that the young man will likely remember for the rest of his life!  

Psalm 33:2 “Give praise to the Lord on the corded instrument; make melody to him with instruments of music.” 

Source: Logan

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