Male Gymnasts Try Women's Gymnastics

Male Gymnasts Try Women's Gymnastics

Male gymnasts try women’s gymnastics and laughter ensues. When it comes to men's and women’s sports like soccer, basketball, or tennis, the sport is relativity the same. But competitive gymnastics has several differences. It’s so different that you may as well be watching two different sports. There are only two app apparatuses in common, the floor and the vault. 

But it is still incredible to watch their talent and athletic ability. Women’s gymnastics is jaw-dropping because it showcases how God created a woman’s body to be full of power, elegance, poise, and grace. Men’s gymnastics reveals strength, strength, and precision. 

Because of these differences, Ian Gunther, a senior at Standford University and a three-time NCCA Champion decided to have a little fun about the differences in the sport and the results were hilarious. They decided to try the balance beam. For the sake of the men, the bar was set on the floor. The goal was to flip backward and land with precision and poise, and of course, landing on the bar. 

One guy made the attempt and fumbled. He walked away joking, “Now I’m scared.” Next, they tried an elegant move that requires balance and poise. It’s a basic move the ladies have no problem performing on the balance beam but when the men tried it, it was anything but balance and poise. It left the women laughing. 

After several more attempts at different areas of women’s gymnastics, the men were left scratching their heads because they couldn’t do what a woman’s body was built to do. So then the tables were turned and it was the women’s turn to try their abilities in men’s gymnastics. More laughter ensued as the ladies attempted the mushroom circle that requires momentum and upper body strength. When it was clear all they could do was fall on their behinds, they moved on to the rings where the ladies were given credit for strength. Next was the parallel bars when the ladies learned it is much harder than it looks. 

By the end of their antics at attempting the different areas of gymnastics, both men and women walked away with a new perspective and appreciation for their differences as well as a few good laughs. I’m thankful for sports like gymnastics that showcase and celebrate how different and beautiful God created our bodies!

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