Tim Hawkins Hilariously Recalls Growing Up With Generic Groceries

Tim Hawkins Hilariously Recalls Growing Up With Generic Groceries

Oh, Tim, you’ve done it again. You have us in stitches. 

Watch as Tim Hawkins recalls growing up with generic groceries. I remember growing up with generic groceries. If I didn’t like it, then I wouldn’t get to eat. Now compare that to my children, who are absolutely spoiled. If I bring home generic oatmeal, it will sit on the shelf until it gets stale because my kids would rather starve than eat it. 

He has the audience in stitches when he talks about how he grew up, and he never got good groceries because his mom was frugal. “Kids, frugal, that’s a german word. It means (insert spitting noise),” he joked. Before adding in a German accent, “Are those your dreams? Not anymore (more spitting). You need to find new dreams.” He then went on to describe how he knew where his mother would shop because the grocery bags would be labeled as places like “Sack And Save, Sack A Lot, or A Lot Of Sack.” 

It sounds like Dollar General or perhaps The Dollar Tree. “We always got generic groceries. That’s what we got. So it was always in a black and white package, no artwork. It looked like some kind of  homeschool project, you know.” He then added how he never got the cool snacks like his friends. “My friends would get Cheetos. We get Orange Puffy Sticks. That’s what we got. We never got Hamburger Helper. We got Beef Assitant. That’s what we got.” 

He goes on to joke how his mother would also buy food in bulk like cereal but he never got to have the cool cereal like Cheerios. He got something like Toasted Holes in a ten-pound bag that they got to use as a bean bag on movie nights. Tim has the uncanny ability to describe my childhood because I had five brothers and sisters, which caused my mom to be extremely frugal. 

If you don’t know who Tim is, you are in for a real treat, and you will be in stitches before the end of the video.  He is a 54-year-old Christian comedian, singer, and songwriter the whole family can enjoy. He is known for his parodies of famous songs like Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take The Wheel,” which he cleverly renamed “Cletus, Take the Reel,” and my personal favorite, “The Government Can.” He recently shared how women and men text differently, which also has his fans belly-laughing in their seats because it is absolutely spot on. Thank God for the ability to laugh!

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