MALTA: Mgarr, Prehistoric Temples, Gnejna, Ghajn Tuffieha, etc

MÄ¡arr, Malta, is a tiny village but it's border extends quite a bit and in this photo-video, we'll have a quick look at various areas and interesting and historic places.

At Dwejra, there are the Victoria Lines which were built during the British rule. Scenery is breathtaking. The countryside road leads to several suburban areas of MÄ¡arr.

Next stop is Binġemma where the 17th Century Wayside Chapel is situated. Right behind the chapel, panoramic views of Mġarr and Gozo Island are seen. Near the chapel, rock cut tombs are found. The tombs were of the Punic era. They were also used by the early Christians. These tombs are known as the City of the Dead.

On the way to Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay, the ancient Roman Baths are located. The Roman Baths are currently under conservation works by Heritage Malta and funded by UNESCO. We also include a few photos of the feast of the Assumption at Mġarr Parish Church.

Just around the area, there are two prehistoric temples : Ta' Ħaġrat Temples, Mġarr and the Skorba Temples at Żebbiegħ. Both temples date back to around 3600-2500 BC, although habitation in the area dates back to 5400-4500 BC.

These temples and other temples on both islands are under the care of Heritage Malta.

Photos by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech

Video by Alfred & Jasmine Grech, Mosta, Malta

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