Angels Are With You

God put a family across the path of my family one day and we have thanked Him for doing that every day since. Have you ever experienced the type of helplessness you feel when you see someone in pain and you are unable to make their pain go away. How about the helplessness you feel when you see someone in the depths of grief over a situation they have absolutely no control over. What about the helplessness you feel when you are unable to give someone any reason at all why this horrible nightmare they are having to live is happening to their wonderful, loving, faithful, God loving family. Helplessness is exactly what we felt after watching the family that God put across our path be told that their precious little 2 year old girl had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. As we watched all forms of what they once knew as normal being ripped from their lives I could not stand to think about what they must be feeling. Of course we told them we were there for them in any way possible and that we would be praying for them continuously. However, I could not shake the picture in my mind of them sitting beside the hospital bed of their little girl in the middle of yet another long night and I wanted to be able to give them peace in some way. Then I realized that God said all I had to do was ask and it shall be given to me. So I did ask, and it was given to me in this song. So when no one was with them, when they felt the walls closing in around them, when they did not know what the future would hold for their daughter, when they felt lost and all alone or when they themselves felt helpless, God gave me these words to give them peace...Angels Are With You.

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