Always Take The Cross

One day I began thinking about life as if it were a trip I was taking with only one road map, (the Bible), to use to help me find my way. Just like every trip there was a starting point for me to leave from, (birth), and an ending destination for me to arrive at, (death).

Even though my map shows me a little line to follow so I will know where I am going I won't know what the roads are like until I am actually driving on them. The roads may be very nicely paved or they could be full of potholes. Now my map doesn't guarantee me my trip will be uneventful, but it will certainly guide me and keep me from getting lost. As long as I keep my eyes on the map I am assured of reaching the end of my journey no matter what type of difficulties I may incur along the way.

As with any trip, I find that I come to many, many places on my journey where the roads cross and I have to make a decision as to which way to go. It is always my choice to take the road my map shows me is best or to take my own route. Even though both will get me to my destination I don't want to take just "any" road I want to be sure and take the "right" road.

So as I travel on my journey and I come to a crossroad in my life the most important thing for me to remember is..."Always Take The Cross."

Verse one:

Your life is like a journey

there are no guarantees

you may be up you may be down

or somewhere in between

and there will be times of ease

and struggles on the way

sometimes it's best

to stop and wait

for night to turn to day.


You won't find the way

unless you pray

if you're getting lost

as you walk your road of strife

and then you come

to a crossroad in your life

Always take the cross

Verse two:

Though you may know where you want

your journey to end

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