Hanah's Prayer

Imagine you had just turned one year old and your whole world as you knew it began to crash around you. Imagine if you had an older sister that at the age of two was all of a sudden taken away from you to stay in a strange hospital in another state and your mommy was taken away to be with your sister all of the time and your daddy some of the time. Imagine seeing your sister change before your very eyes from running, playing and laughing with you every day to not being able walk, laying in a hospital bed, loosing her hair, and being so weak she had to be held. Imagine being taken to a home of a family you never saw before so they could help your family by giving you love and taking care of you while your daddy went to work and your mommy went to be with your sister far, far away. Imagine if that little one year old girl could pray to God about her sick sister, Alexis. That is exactly what I spent many days doing. Then one day God gave me this song. Imagine God listening to...Hanah's Prayer.

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