Hear what the Spirit is saying, and listen to the heart of your Father: For I am much grieved over the state of My church, and the position which many are taking out of fear of man, and not out of fear of Me and fear My word. These ones who do not rise up and displace the fear of man with the true fear of the Lord will be disqualified in the coming hours for receiving of all that I have prepared for them from before the foundations of earth. But fear not, little flock, for it is your Fathers good pleasure and His delight to both give unto you the Kingdom, as well as the keys unto the Kingdom. For this is the hour and this is the time for the unlocking of My secrets and the unveiling of My mysteries. It is the time to discover the secrets of My Kingdom that have been hid from aeons, ages, and generations past. [extreme, xtreme, encounter]

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