Video Contest *CLOSED*

I saw some video contests on youtube and decided to do one of my own on Godtube. It has to be Christian music. If you want to do a song that isn't Christian, it must be approved by me. Jonas Brothers is okay. The deadline has changed to January 2, 2009 but the deadline will change again if there aren't many entries by then.

Song: Feelin' So Fly

Artist: TobyMac

I reeeeeally want to see what you guys can do! ^_^ If you already made a video and want it to be in the contest, send me the link. Well, the rest is up to you guys! I hope to see a lot of entries! ^_^

P.S. You can submit more than one entry if you want! ^_^

To send message to me with your video entry if you don't wanna put it as a comment, go to my profile and click the send a message button or whatever it is. ^_^ HAVE FUN!

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