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Pt1-Escaping Self Epowerment Gospels

In this 3 part series on Escaping the Self Empowerment Gospels Apostle JoAnne Cremer identifies to the Church how the gospels that speak to self esteem, self love, self knowing and self improvement are actually the face of the Antichrist spirit, and keeps Christians on a never ending journey to escape their past and find value in themselves for the present. Offering great hope for true spiritual healing, Apostle JoAnne shows how God has provided the true gospel blueprint of Jesus Christ that, when properly preached and properly administered by real true covenant apostles, as well as properly embraced by Christians... will deliver every single soul out of all the bondages of sin and into the fullness of Christ. <br />
<br />
If you are tired of the Life Coach empowerment gospels that rehash over and over how you can become an expert on yourself, then you will be profoundly impacted by this teaching. If you have been struggling on an up and down journey to obtain the blessings of God, then this teaching will give you solid answers and direction. If you are tired of your faith being merchandised by constantly changing promises and predictions of God visiting your finances and relationships, this message will give you hope for experiencing the real riches of Christ to your soul. This is part 1 of a 3 part message designed to nourish the saints with the preaching of truth and a call to repentance to the Church, to return to Her First Love. In part 1 Apostle JoAnne clearly defines what sin is, what is the power of the system of sin and its fruits in the soul, what is the flesh, and how this forms a record and validation system Christians are accustomed to working with. I explain why Christians are initially disoriented when they first come into the New Covenant with God, as He begins to challenge their truisms and self validation experiences by revealing the true nature of Christ to them and removing the system, stain and power of sin from their h

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