Buried Alive

Proverbs 3:5-6. When a seed is planted into the ground, everything that surrounds it contradicts what it really desires or needs, which is moisture and light. The earth entombs it in darkness. In other words, it is buried alive apparently with no hope, or so it seems. Do YOU have something in common with a seed? Are you entombed in circumstances, which appear to contradict what you desire or need? Seeds are not known for their great intellects in fact they have no mind at all; however, something deep inside of them drives them towards exactly what to do. They refuse to give up no matter what stands in their way. They push out feelers (or roots) seeking for the moisture that they need. At the same time, they relentlessly press their stems upward in search of light. Something instinctively on their insides tells them exactly what to do. The earth that surrounds them resists their every effort; however, they press forward constantly refusing to give up. Moment by moment day after day their progress is almost immeasurable; however, as if through their will to live, a plant is ultimately born. Did you know that all of life is birthed from seeds? Whether it's plant, mammal, fish, insect, or mankind, a seed is the ultimate starting point of all life. Could it be that even seeds too have a marvelous directional inward instinct that presses it towards the right way to go? It might just be a good thing that seeds are not known for their great intellects. If they were, they might come up with a lot of reasons for giving up because of the impossible odds. That's one thing that you and I have to guard against. Allowing our intellects to take over and drown out what our instincts are actually telling us to do or not to do. What exactly does a seed's instinct tell it? Probably it communicates just with an impression. Like keep pushing your roots DOWN and not up, OR keep pushing your stem UP and not down. Take a RIGHT around this rock (obstacle), and not

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