"America" The Song

STORY BEHIND THE SONG: My wife and I had the opportunity to tour the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Museum during a visit to NYC in December 2008. The experience was incredible and among the most moving in recent memory. Millions of people, most having nothing, risking everything for a shot at a better life for themselves and their children. Seeing the weary faces and reading the individual stories of hardship and triumph was a great personal reminder of just how special my country really is.

I flew back to Nashville feeling deeply inspired and holding a renewed sense of gratefulness for my country and my freedom. After writing America and having it demo'd, it occurred to me that hearing it might provide others with the same feelings of hope, pride and gratitude Id experienced during my visit to Liberty and Ellis. I created this video and the MySpace page to share America with all of you.

This song contains no hidden political agenda. It does not scold the way we are or lament the way we were. It is but a simple tribute to a remarkable country by one deeply grateful citizen. God Bless America.

Dustin James

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