Savior, Please ~ Josh Wilson

Salvation is NOT a one time decision or experience… It takes a daily decision about following Christ – one time saved DO NOT mean always saved… we need to *continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling* (Phil.2.12)

But we fail, we dont manage to live our lives as *good* as we know they should be; we make wrong decisions, we sin, we choose to not do what we know is right to do, we think more about our selves then others… we are imperfect- we need God to continue to save us. This is a process John describes as *He shall increase as I decrease* (3.30) and it need to continue our whole life through as 'our inwardly are being renewed day by day' (2.cor.4.16) We experience times with Godly sorrow (2.cor.7.9-10) when the Spirit reveal things in our lives that is wrong… but its needed so we can repent and seek God for help to become free from these things- He is the only one that can help us make it. We need to be transformed into His likeness (2.cor.3.18)- that our lives and words are reflections of whom He is. If we are willing to lay our lives down for Him and live according to His word, He will do it – because *He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus* (Phil.1.6) Savior, Please – keep saving me

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