Sermon: "Ground Zero for America," Part 2. 9/12/2010. First Presbyterian Church, Perkasie

A controversy erupted in recent months when a Muslim cleric announced plans to build a mosque near the site of the fallen World Trade Towers in New York City. Known as 'Ground Zero,' this area is considered 'hallowed ground' to those who have lost loved ones there. The controversy escalated further this week when a Christian pastor announced his intention to burn the Koran on 9/11, sending shockwaves throughout the Muslim world and the US government. The religious conflict here at Ground Zero is emblematic of a deeper conflict within America as to how we should live in a religiously diverse culture. Should we trade insults with each other, or ask more profound questions as to who is God and whom should we serve? The prophet Isaiah faced a similar situation in his day. In a religiously diverse culture, he forcefully argued that the Lord alone is God. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how the church of the Lord Jesus should best advance his kingdom in the world today.

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