2002 India Crusade (Manmin Central Church - Rev.Dr.Jaerock Lee)

The flame of evangelization was blazed powerfully in India which is the largest Hindu country and an Apostle of Jesus had been martyred in. 2002 India Church Leaders' Conference & Miracle Healing Prayer Festival with Rev. Dr. Jae-Rok lee ended up successfully in Marina Beach, Chenna, Tamil Nadu, India from Oct. 10th to Oct. 13th , estimated at over 3 million total attendance.

The meeting was broadcasted on India main TV channels, world-wide internet TV channels and various high-developed mission media around the country of India and all over the world. A lot of Hindu people accepted Jesus Christ and converted into Christianity after they listened to the message of life from the speaker, Rev. Jae-Rok Lee, and uncountable attendants were healed by the power of God and gave glory to God.



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