RECONCILIATION movie trailer

RECONCILIATION is a movie about the importance of forgiveness, and accepting our responsibility for the mistakes we've made and the pain those mistakes have caused others.

RECONCILIATION is a movie that focuses on the broken relationship of a son, GRANT, and his father, JEFF, who haven't spoken in 24 years. As Jeff doesn't have long to live his last request is to see his son. Grant (with the helpful persuasion of his wife) reluctantly goes to see his father, not sure what to expect or how to react. Jeff is gay. Grant is a Christian. Their two worlds collide and as they get to know one another, really for the first time, they're surprised by what they find…love and forgiveness.

The major theme of the movie is the brokenness of relationships and the importance to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. The movie is authentic, respectful and truthful. While this movie is not "preachy" it does not shy away from one of the most debated and talked about topics within the church. The preview screenings have profoundly touched people from all walks of life, most leaving in tears, but all leaving with plenty to talk about.

Running time 101 minutes

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