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Caden October 2007

Caden was diagnosed with Di George Syndrome (22q11.2) at birth (11/2004). He had his first heart surgery at day six. He has been tube fed since birth. This video shows some of the events from a fairly typical evening routine for Caden. The beginning of the video shows Caden at the dinner table as we finish up dinner. Caden is tasting some leftover sauce (strong flavors) from a dinner while he is getting his tube feed. You can hear the rhythmic sound of the pump in the background if you listen carefully. You will then see a short clip of Caden getting suctioned. It is not fun, but it is how we help him keep from aspirating secretions. Next you will see a short clip of Caden playing with his shirt off. This shows how thin his upper body has become which has led to many comments about his weight. You will also get a rare glimpse at what the g-tube button looks like. This is where we attach the feeding tube extension to deliver formula, water, and medications. You will also get a quick look at his back. If you look carefully, you will see the curvature of his spin.

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