Abortion? - Received December 2009

Abortion? – Received December 2009

My children, there is no justification for abortion. I hate what I see and hear amongst My own so called children. They compromise, accept lies for truth. I will hold every one accountable for his deeds, good or evil. Abortion is murder, it is an abomination to Me. Life and death is in My hand, I am in control and not man. I am the Creator of everything. I formed every one in the mother's womb, they are all precious to Me. They belong to Me, I only lend them to the parents, but all are made into My Image. I will hold every one accountable for My beloved children whom they have murdered through abortion.

I decide when it is time to be born and time to die again, no one else. I am in control of time. I died so that no one will perish, but that all will come to Me in time, repent and have eternal life. Who is man to play "GOD" over My creation?

If any one needs wisdom, ask Me. Too many decide for themselves what to do, they take life and death in their own hands and do not inquire of Me. I know every circumstance, every heart and will not excuse. I am able to do the impossible, if you will pray, inquire of Me and no one else.

My children, plead for mercy for your own country and the rest of the world, because My wrath will come to all who justify abortion. I will not excuse. Murder is murder, they can call it any name for justification. I will be the righteous Judge and not man. I will not excuse those who do not repent in time. It is mercy time before judgment. I change not. I am God Almighty, whom every one must obey and fear.

Now is the time to repent tomorrow might just be too late. Repent! Warn, abortion is an abomination to Me. Judgment will start at My house first. I am holy and you must be holy.

"Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer and He who formed you from the womb. I am the Lord who mak

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