Southern Raised Bluegrass Performs 'Rise Again'

Southern Raised Bluegrass Performs 'Rise Again'

A bluegrass group called Southern Raised performs a beautiful acoustic rendition of the song ‘Rise Again’ by Dallas Holmes.

“Go ahead, drive the nails in My hands
Laugh at Me, where you stand
Go ahead, and say it isn't Me
The day will come, when you will see
'Cause I'll rise, again
Ain't no power on earth can tie Me down
Yes, I'll rise, again
Death can't keep Me in the ground”

The lyrics of this song are powerful and describe what Jesus went through when he was hung up on the cross. Praise God for the resurrection and Jesus’ victory over death!

While singing the song, Southern Raised is performing in a picturesque field with rolling hills in the background. They all are talented musicians, and each have their own instruments that they are playing. And the vocals and harmonies that they sing throughout the song are just beautiful. The fiddle part in the middle of the song is especially lovely and so soothing to listen to.

While using their many talents, Southern Raised can play a variety of acoustic music ranging from bluegrass, classical, folk, as well as many other styles, all while lifting up the name of Jesus. According to their YouTube page, Southern Raised is “committed to the Lord, each other, and bringing their music to the people.” The group has been described as having “a warmth and realness about them that draws you in, making them one of the best, most unique sounds on the scene. They have the distinct ability to cross genres, winning the hearts of all who hear them."

It is wonderful to see that the members of Southern Raised are using their musical talents to bring God glory and share the message of hope with others. May you be encouraged and reminded of God’s love for you when listening to this beautiful version of ‘Rise Again.’

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