Classic Clip From The Andy Griffith Show On How To Not Raise A Spoiled Kid

Classic Clip From The Andy Griffith Show On How To Not Raise A Spoiled Kid

In this classic Andy Griffith clip, the episode shares an important message about parenting and how to not raise a spoiled child.

It starts off with two boys hanging out together and Taylor admiring Arnold’s new bike. When Taylor says that he must have been working hard for a long time in order to save up for his own bike, Arnold informs his friend that “kids aren’t supposed to work for their allowance.” In a comedic response, Taylor says “My paw is awful busy, maybe he hasn’t heard this new stuff.”

Arnold then shows off his tantrum throwing skills that help him get what he wants from his parents. Later in the episode, Arnold gets reprimanded for riding his bike on the sidewalk. He then gets his bike taken away when he refuses to listen to the warning that he was given.

Following that scene, Taylor goes to see his father and tells him that he doesn’t want to work anymore for his allowance. His father tells him that is not the way things work; no work, no allowance. Now that’s the way to show kids how important it is for them to put in hard work to earn the things that they want!

Taylor tries to use some of the tantrum techniques that Arnold told him about. He starts by holding his breath and then moves to yelling and screaming while rolling around on the floor. In a comedic response, his father just doesn’t pay him any mind and tells him to not get his clothes all dirty.

Towards the end of the clip, Arnold’s father realizes how his child is spoiled and very self-centered. He decides that he is going to sell his son’s bike because of his bad behavior.

Taylor then comes to his senses and asks his dad if he can go back to doing chores for him to gain an allowance. He says that he wants to save up for a bell and then save up for a bike to put under it.

What a great reminder to teach our kids the importance of respect and hard work; such important lessons that will help them as they grow up!

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