Father With Dementia Bonds With Son When He Hears Music

Father With Dementia Bonds With Son When He Hears Music

It was a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this father with dementia reconnects with his son through music.

Dementia is a heartbreaking disease that strips someone of their memories. Our memories are what make up who we truly are and it's devastating to have those slip away.

It's even harder to watch a loved one battle this disease. You see someone that you once knew so well lose their personality and spark. It can be so hard to weather this storm but there are moments that make all of the tough times seem to fade away.

Kenneth Keene Jr.’s father suffers from dementia. Shortly after his dad’s diagnosis six years ago, Kenneth and his mother became caregivers. That’s when his eyes truly opened to the reality of living with dementia and caring for an individual that is losing their memories.

Thankfully, Kenneth found something that brought a little bit of his father back to life. He discovered that music tapped into something inside his father and they were able to bond and truly connect. “Connecting with my father through music is so incredible. It’s the only thing we really have to work on that has me forget about the reality. And the music is just, it’s like medicine.”

Not only do these two listen to music in the car, on the way to appointments, but Kenneth has started to write and perform his own lyrics too. “It’s my father’s smile that is what’s keeping me strong throughout this entire process.” What an incredible son and caregiver.