Police Officer's Final Radio Call Includes Footloose Performance

Police Officer's Final Radio Call Includes Footloose Performance

This officer decided to add a little fun to his final radio call and it’s got everyone smiling.

Officer Cory Barrows has been with the Decatur Police Department for 30 years. After an incredible career, the time has come for Officer Barrows to retire.

When a police officer ends their shift, they are required to radio in to dispatch the time and their status. When someone retires, they make one final radio call and it is almost always an emotional moment.

Officer Barrows decided to make this a happy occasion full of laughter and joy. Just watch as he sits in his police cruiser and radios in for the last time. When the dispatcher thanks him for his many years of service, this police officer busts out into some talented dance moves.

As the song ‘Footloose’ plays in the background, Officer Barrows jumps out of the car and starts to cut loose. I definitely was not expecting to see anything quite this energetic during the officer’s final radio call. I am sure this brought a smile to so many faces around the department.

With a sense of humor like this, I can tell that Officer Barrows was a great co-worker that will surely be missed by many. It is never easy to move on, but Officer Barrows can rest easy knowing that he did a job well done.

We all thank you for your service over the years and hope you enjoy your retirement as much as we enjoyed this video!