Man Thanks Guardian Angel For Saving His Life During Lightning Strike

Man Thanks Guardian Angel For Saving His Life During Lightning Strike

One man is thanking his guardian angel after a frightening lightning strike almost took his life.

Romulus McNeill works as a guidance counselor in Horry County, South Carolina. He was at the school when a security camera caught a terrifying scene.

Romulus was walking to his car during a terrible storm when a bolt of lightning struck just inches from where he stood. The force was so great that it knocked the umbrella he was clutching right out of Romulus’ hand. T

he video then shows the man rushing to shelter and safety. It was a moment that shook the man right to his core. But after calming down, he realized that something beyond his control kept him out of harm’s way.

Romulus told reporters, “It felt like something did hit me. Something did touch me and I think an angel touched me for sure.” There’s no doubt that God was watching over this man during the storm.

If he were just a few inches over, the lightning would have hit his body. And Romulus is beyond blessed to be standing here today, thanks to his guardian angel.

Even one weather caster from New York said that Romulus narrowly escaped a tragic scene. He warns, “The number one thing you want to do is if you hear lightning, you see lightning, you get inside.”

Romulus isn’t taking any more chances with severe storms. He said, “If I see any lightning, no matter where I am, I’m gonna spend the night there. I've learned my lesson.”