Pey 5780 Prayer Week 5 Zari Banks, M.Ed Nov. 18, 2019

Pey 5780 Prayer Week 5 Zari Banks, M.Ed Nov. 18, 2019

Weekly prayer to open a portal between heaven and earth. #zww #zaribanks #marketplaceministry
In 2011, laid-off public school educator, Zari Banks, found herself stripped of custody of her 9-year-old son, homeless, living in her car and at the end of her rope. While parked outside a library, she cried out to God asking for help to go on, and He answered. He instructed her to, “Read the Psalms.” Though Zari had read through The Bible several times before, she dove into the Psalms with a new hunger and focus, determined to find the deliverance already available in The Word of God. Within seven days, Zari’s life began to change because she had changed the way she viewed God’s Word. It was no longer just stories to her, it came alive like never before.

From this experience, Zari wrote and published her first devotional, “O Lord, Hear My Cry: A Book O Psalms Devotional” which became an Amazon bestseller. She’s since written 21 more best-selling books, won 2015 Book of the Year, penned more than 40 eBooks, opened the ZM7 Supernatural Academy for ministry training, spoken at conferences, hosts the annual Supernatural You conferences and produced countless spiritual growth teachings and videos.

Zari’s life is a testimony to what God can do for anyone who’s willing. She continues to share her journey to deliverance and to assist others in crisis as they learn to trust in The Goodness of God to receive anything they need or want through prayer.

Zari Banks, M.Ed is an ordained minister, President of Zari Banks, Inc. and co-owner of Cupcakes Bakery & Deli, LLC in Kennewick, Washington.

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