1 Woman Performs 10 Different Diva Impressions

1 Woman Performs 10 Different Diva Impressions

Talented singer and performer Christina Bianco stuns us all with 10 incredible diva impressions.

Over the years, Christina has made a name for herself as amazing cover artist. It all started back in 2013 when she posted a video on YouTube.

Christina sang the classic 80’s song ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ in the style of 19 different woman singers. From Adele to Cher, Christina brought all of their personalities to life as she belted out the iconic lyrics. The clip immediately went viral with over 8 million views.

From that moment on, Christina was on a whirlwind ride that included talk show appearances, a European tour and her own album. Now, Christina is taking on a new challenge that she calls ‘Diva Roulette.’ In front of her, Christina had two different mugs.

One cup featured a popular female vocalist and the other mug contained a song. Christina would draw a piece of paper from each mug and then perform that song in the style of the chosen diva. There was such a range of options and it was hilarious to hear our favorite divas perform out-of-character songs.

For instance, Bette Midler singing ‘Careless Whisper’ or pop star Britney Spears performing ‘Staying Alive.’ Overall, Christina finished 10 different diva impersonations with 10 different songs.

It was so amazing to see her transform each time the artist changed. Christina definitely has a unique talent and I love watching her put her own spin on each woman.

What was your favorite ‘Diva Roulette’ performance?