'Fear Is Not Welcome' Brian Courtney Wilson Acoustic Performance

'Fear Is Not Welcome' Brian Courtney Wilson Acoustic Performance

Brian Courtney Wilson gives a passionate and emotional acoustic performance of his song ‘Fear Is Not Welcome’ in this video.

“Let me begin and confess, I need Your healing, I made a friend of the fear
I have been feeling, and I believed the lies it spoke that led me into doubt
But I'm calling on Your angel armies now
Fear is not welcome, fear is not welcome, fear is not welcome in my heart anymore
I'm casting it away by the power in Your name, fear is not welcome in my heart anymore”

What a beautiful and powerful song. It is one that reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness. He is always watching out for us, and we do not need to fear when He is on our side.

In the interview after the performance, Brian shares what it was about this song that really connected with him as an artist.

“Just thinking about the project, I knew I wanted to speak to anxiety,” he says. “The most arresting line to me was ‘let me begin and confess.’ You can’t focus if you’re not going to be honest about what you’re afraid of and how those fears may be causing you to get distracted. In that way, the song was also a challenge, because I didn’t come up in an environment where it was ok to admit fear. You try to hide it and mask it. This song speaks to this hope that you cannot only be honest about it, but it can be cast away.”

What a wonderful song with an incredible meaning. And with all that is going on in the world, it is a great song to remind us that there is no fear in Christ. He is our Redeemer. We are saved and made whole through him.

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