'The Sound of Silence by Young Violinist Karolina Protsenko

'The Sound of Silence by Young Violinist Karolina Protsenko

This sweet little girl has taken the internet by storm with her God-given musical talent. ‘The Sound of Silence by young violinist Karolina Prosekno is a moment you don’t want to miss. Karolina plays the violin in the same way as we breathe. It’s a breath of fresh air that will bring you incredible joy. 

Little miss Karolina has been playing the violin since the tender age of six years old. She is from Ukraine and is a child prodigy of music. God has blessed this sweet little child with the gift of music and she truly is taking the world by storm. Her YouTube channel states “She is a phenomenal violin prodigy. Karolina plays violin with passion and her smile is contagious. Her music will make you feel better from the very first chord.” 

This sweet child was born in war-torn Ukraine, and Karolina’s parents brought her to the United States in 2015 so she could be classically trained in the violin. She then began busking in 2017 on the streets of California

We couldn’t agree more. And if you're a little skeptical, this video will prove it. She plays ‘The Sound of Silence’ with grace, poise, and ease despite playing on a busy city street. Dressed in a fluffy white coat that covers a deep red crimson dress, she hugs her violin as if it were the sunshine or the air we breathe. The way she plays the violin is as if there is nothing sweeter or more precious in the world. The best part is the way the notes sing in the air. It’s proof of just how blessed and talented this sweet child is. I do believe Simon and Garfunkel would give her a round of applause. 

Karolina practices the violin two to three hours a day and yearns to be a well-known violinist who can play pop songs by ear. She played more than 200 cover songs in the past year. And it's no wonder why she does it. Karolina truly embodies the God-given gift of music. What are your thoughts? We hope you adore this sweet child’s gift and thank God for Karolina’s God-given talents.

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