The Irwin Family Continue Steve's Legacy 15 Year After His Death

The Irwin Family Continue Steve's Legacy 15 Year After His Death

In a recent interview, the Irwin family share about their life and how they are continuing to keep Steve’s legacy alive 15 years after his death.

This past year was a hard one for the Irwin family. They all shared about how shutting down the Australian Zoo for about 80 days during the pandemic was one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do. But there were some positives despite all the challenges.

“Out of all the craziness, it has brought us even closer as a family, if that’s possible,” shared Bindi. “We live together and we work together, but this real challenge of this time in our lives, it brought us closer. Because when our doors shut at Australia Zoo, we didn’t know when or if we would open again and it was terrifying. So, trying to band together as a family, we all took turns being the strong one, and it’s important. It’s important in times of crises to come together and support the ones that you love.”

Terri opened up about Steve and how she hopes that they made him proud.

“We miss him, and we hope we made him proud,” Terri shares. “And I just think that we persevered and got through it. All of us in the whole world have come together as one community. That’s what we need to do. We need to stand together.”

And with it being 15 years since Steve’s passing, Robert shares about what he believes his dad would think of them now after seeing what the family has overcome.

“I hope he’d be proud, for sure. We’ve definitely come a really, really long way. And it’s incredibly difficult…Not a single day goes by that you don’t just think about him and wish that he was here, more than absolutely anything,” says Robert. “On the other hand, I think that it’s so special that we’re in this position. That we’re still able to make sure that everything that he worked so hard for and that he loved more than anything can continue.”

What an incredible family with such a strong and loving bond.

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