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The Surrender Series Intro - Pastor I3

The surrender series ministry has been traveling for a few years opening the eyes of many when it comes to their wordly families and church families. Freeing many people from all the baggage that comes with our families of origin and the families they have created.Because there is NO BAGGAGE CLAIM IN HEAVEN.This ministry is NOT for the nosy, the complainers or the lazy. This is for those of us that want to take a stand against evil,grow in Christ and understand the issues in our particular families, how they affect us, how we can re- tool them in order to improve our lives from now on. Which allows us to get closer to God and pass on His ways to our children as well. The more we learn about God, the better world we can create for our own families, our offspring, and for everyone. And in doing so, we begin to break the chains of dysfunction. We cover all topics: addictions, rape, favoritism, guilt, jealousy, molestation, deadbeat parents, children that hate God, manipulators, freeloaders,blended families that's just to name a few.We now have the resources to make a lot of our sessions public so hopefully a lot of your questions you were scared to ask or won't get from most churches can be answered. We're also answering questions by email at [email protected] but please keep in mind that we not only have jobs and other responsibilities but we also spread the word in real life not just online, so if we don't respond to your emails immediately please be patient. Thanks

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