Caring Cat Helps Rock Baby In The Swing

Caring Cat Helps Rock Baby In The Swing

Everyone likes to think of dogs as man’s best friend, but cats definitely have some special emotions of their own. They tend to get a bad reputation for being cold and unloving, but I think most cat owners would disagree. While it may take them a little bit longer to warm up to others, cat still have a sweet deposition and a caring nature. And this particular cat is the perfect example of a sweet and beautiful creature made by God.

Kimberly Koerber was babysitting her nephew Shaddix in June when her cat, Mac, decided to help out too. Shaddix was seated in a baby swing and Mac wanted to give him a hand. So just watch as Mac brings up his paw and starts to push the swing back and forth. Shaddix is perfectly content as he sways along to the Mac’s beat.

I just love how both of them seem so peaceful as Shaddix looks all around the room. No one told this cat what to do or how to show his caring nature to the new baby. Mac did it all on his own and it’s absolutely heartwarming to watch.

This definitely makes you think differently about cats and their sweet side. It’s obvious that they are giving dogs a run for their money because this precious moment is tugging at all my heartstrings. Has anyone’s furry feline ever done anything like this before? I sure would love to see more adorable moments like this come through my newsfeed!

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