Adorable Dog Is Delirious After ‘Best-Bud’ Soldier Returns Home

Adorable Dog Is Delirious After ‘Best-Bud’ Soldier Returns Home

The bond between a human and their dog can be something really special! This United States soldier returns home from his service time and is reunited with his best-bud. We love these “soldier return” videos where they are reunited with “their” person! It’s so neat to see how the dogs (and even cats!) seem to know that their missed owner has come back before they even lay eyes on them. This adorable golden retriever is no exception to the rule. His excitement cannot be contained!

“Who is it?” the soldier’s family member asks the dog.

Instantly this golden retriever’s ears perked back and he cocked his head for a moment as he listened carefully. And then he was off! He heard familiar footsteps before he even rounded the corner into the kitchen and knew it was someone special. His best friend was finally home! The excitement was all over the dog’s body. From excited sniffs (or “chuffs”), bouncing around his missed owner and wagging his tail back and forth, this doggy was truly happy to have his friend home!

We’ll never know if this faithful dog has spent time wondering where his best buddy has been for these long months. But it’s obvious, this pup was wasting no time moving to his favorite game of “ball” and making up for lost time!

It was as if no time had passed between them at all. It’s such a heartwarming reunion, we could watch the clip over and over and we just might do that!

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