Firetrucks Put On Incredible Christmas Light Show

Firetrucks Put On Incredible Christmas Light Show

There’s nothing like an amazing Christmas light show to truly get you in the holiday spirit. This year, the crew from the Sterling Fire Department in Colorado decided to help the community kick Christmas off in an incredible way. Led by Captain Jason Bostron, the firefighters staged their trucks to light up in sync with the classic Christmas tune ‘The Nutcracker.’

This year, the song is getting a modern update and it goes perfectly with the light show. In the video, you can see all 5 rescue vehicles lined up in the bay with their lights turned off. Then, as soon as the music kicks in, the lights start to turn on to the beat of the music.

This amazing light show goes on for the entire song and it’s so cool to watch. These firefighters truly put a lot of work into creating this and I’m so glad that it’s getting the attention that it deserves. I know that this must have taken a lot of time and effort to pull off and I can’t imagine how long it took to edit everything.

Our first responders work tirelessly to help out their community. They do everything from responding to calls and saving lives to spreading Christmas cheer through efforts such as this. We cannot thank these men and women enough for all that they do to keep us safe and happy.

As I watch this Christmas light show, I’m reminded of the sacrifices that they make each and every day, especially during the holidays.

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