Dancing Mall Cop Entertains Shoppers

Dancing Mall Cop Entertains Shoppers

It’s always nice when something random happens during the day that puts a smile on your face. Whether it’s an act of kindness or seeing a great show, these little moments are truly the ones that make us stop and reflect on the world around us. And nothing makes me happier than seeing others have the time of their lives.

That’s exactly what’s happening today with this mall cop in the middle of the food court. Jerrylyn Gumasing was having a bit of a bad day, so she decided to visit her local mall in Santa Maria in the Philippines. Then, she spotted this officer busting a move in front of a crowd and she just had to start recording.

This mall cop is having such a good time showing off his skills for everyone that walks by. I’m sure his job has its ups and downs and each day can be a little bit different. You never know if it’s going to be a slow day or if you’re going to be chasing down shoplifters. But today, it seems like this man had a little bit of time to spare and he wanted to make sure that all the shoppers remembered their day at the mall.

After this epic dance sequence, I think people are going to be talking about this shopping center and his moves for quite a while. I know that this put a big smile on my face and that was just what I needed today. How about you?

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