Dad Doesn't Realize His Kids Are Doing A 'Pregnancy Reveal'

Dad Doesn't Realize His Kids Are Doing A 'Pregnancy Reveal'

Ever felt that awkward moment when someone doesn’t get what you are saying the first several times? Sometimes even the best laid plans for a “pregnancy reveal” aren’t understood! Watch as this Dad takes a painfully long time to get that his kids are actually trying to tell him they are having a baby!

The husband films as the expectant mother and her father interact with the camera. At first the couple pretend to be taking Daddy-daughter photos together, and the Dad goes along with the fun. Photo poses were chosen to drop subtle hints like “hold your belly like your pregnant”, even some not-so-subtle hints like the son-in-law behind the camera asking “are you pregnant” several times! Dad still wasn’t picking up on their big news! No matter how many funny ways they came up with trying to get Dad to catch on, it wasn’t happening. The question was asked a few more times by the husband “Honey, are you pregnant?” She calmly replies, “why, yes I am”... Dad still didn’t get!

Instead, Dad was having a ball striking a hysterical “belly-pose” for the photo. Their pregnancy reveal was quickly being sabotaged by a clueless Dad! That’s when son-in-law directly asks his father-in-law, “Ben, did you know she’s pregnant?” Quickly the laughter and fun stops as Dad strikes a serious thinking face.

“I don’t know is she really?... Are you really seriously pregnant?”

NOW HE GETS IT! Dad and Daughter embrace in celebration. But it’s clear, Dad still doesn’t understand that the whole situation was a setup. “How come you never tell me before?” he asked. Oh, dear. Hopefully, they will be more clear when it’s time to have the baby or Dad might miss the opportunity to be at the hospital! Congratulations to the new parents and Grandfather-to-be!

Dad Doesn't Pick Up on Pregnancy Reveal.

When daddy just doesn't get it. . . 🤰🤣🤦‍♂ Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by Viral TRND on Monday, September 24, 2018

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