5-Year-Old And Her Dad Sing Easter Song 'Peace In Christ'

5-Year-Old And Her Dad Sing Easter Song 'Peace In Christ'

Viral sensation Claire Ryann and her dad perform the Easter song ‘Peace In Christ.’ Claire and her father, Dave, took the Internet by storm when a video of them singing together was shared online.

Now, this adorable duo is back with another precious duet and this time they're singing straight to the Lord.

“There is peace in Christ
When we learn to him
Feel the love he felt for us
When he bore our sins”

Just listen as Claire and her dad perform a beautiful duet to the powerful song 'Peace In Christ.'

This Easter song is the perfect way to remember the sacrifice God made when He sent His only Son down to Earth to die for our sins. That gift paved the way for our path into Heaven and there is so much peace in knowing that truth.

“There is peace in Christ
He give us hope
When hope is gone
He give us strength”

Claire and her father truly have a God-given talent for singing and performing and I'm so glad that they're using their talents to worship His name.

I just love this beautiful relationship between Claire and her father. It's obvious that there is so much love between the two and now they can share their musical talents, too.

What a precious way for father and daughter to bond and play together. I hope we continue to hear more worship and praise from this dynamic duo. Who else wants to hear more from Claire Ryann?

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